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It’s time to protect your Range Rover and save 10% with Tracker! 

Did you know, Range Rovers were the 2nd most stolen vehicle last year? They are hot stuff!


Range Rover Owner is proud to partner with Tracker here in the UK to provide exclusive offers on some of Trackers most popular products.


Tracker is the only UK company to build in military-grade patented VHF technology that can track your vehicle even when concealed in a metal container, lock-up or underground car park. Tracker is the only official car tracking company recommended by the Range Rover Owner club.


Tracker has an average vehicle recovery rate of 95%, with over 80% of vehicles recovered within the first 24 hours.


Why Tracker?

✅ 24/7 monitoring via Tracker’s Secure Operating Centre

✅ Insurance-approved trackers to reduce your insurance premium

✅ Thatcham-approved S5 and S7 trackers (accepted by all insurers)

✅ Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including caravans, motorhomes, and motorcycles.

✅ Won’t drain your vehicles battery

✅ European coverage

✅ The best vehicle tracker technology in the UK with unique VHF technology

✅ GPS anti-jamming defence to prevent thieves from blocking the tracker’s signal

✅ The only tracking company in the UK with a formal agreement with the Police and detection units fitted on most Police patrol cars, helicopters and at major sea ports.


Got a question?

You can contact if you have any questions on any of the Tracker products.


➡️ Save 10% with the promo code RR10 at checkout when purchasing with a 2 year or longer subscription using this link, courtesy of Range Rover Owner. 



Offer Terms & Conditions

This exclusive club promo code is only valid when purchasing via the Tracker website using the link provided above. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or if purchasing over the phone.

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