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I have lost count of the number of Range Rovers I have owned since I bought my first one in 1993 following a succession of Rover SD1 V8's. Nearly all have had Rover V8 engines in except for a short diversion to a 'dirty diesel' :-) TDV8, I thought I would give them a chance!

My latest pride and joy - a 2005 Supercharged (I know it's a Jaguar 4.2 V8, but it's still a V8) with a massively improved stainless steel exhaust. The sound is incredible and sends shivers down your spine.

I have an addiction though, I currently have 4 Range Rovers, the other 3 are P38a in various condition.

A scruffy off-roader 4.6 V8 (yes they are fantastic at off-roading especially when still on air suspension with a small lift to get slightly bigger tyres on) which is also an ongoing project. Affectionately known as the 'Batmobile'

I have a 2000 Vogue 4.6 V8 converted to LPG which is my daily beater and slowly being improved.

I recently purchased a Limited Edition Vogue SE 4.6 V8 Autobiography 2002 P38 in very nice condition with a plan to use that as my daily runabout and sell the blue one, but swmbo liked it so much she stole it off me lol.

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